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Training and Raising a Dog in Wyoming

At Dog Guard, we have wireless, underground fences available for purchase that can completely change how you interact with and raise your dog. Rearing and training an exuberant pup or curious dog can pose its challenges, but these can be made manageable by investing in our electric pet fence. Wyoming dog owners often feel that their pet’s safety and health are protected after they make this smart buy. Ensuring that your pet remains within the perimeter of your backyard is the first step toward housing your dog in a secure environment. Training your dog to respect boundaries is a foolproof way to guarantee that your dog understands its new environment and the limitations in it.


Hidden Fences

There’s no simpler way to keep your dog contained than by using an underground, wireless fence. WY residents are released from the responsibility of buying and maintaining physical fences on their properties when they invest in an out-of-sight fence. Digital radio signals transmitted to a receiver on your dog’s collar are all that is needed to keep your dog within your backyard. When our technicians arrive on your property and install your fence, they use a non-invasive procedure that protects the integrity of any beautiful garden or lawn work that you may have.


Training Your Dog

Our professionals will be ready to serve you as soon as you decide that you want an underground fence. WY pet owners need only call us to schedule an appointment to have our technicians quickly arrive at their homes. While there, we’ll assess the property and pets that will use the fence. At the end of our consultation, we’ll have specific suggestions about installation based on your dog’s specific personality and your needs.


The best type of training program for any dog new to the invisible boundaries of an electric fence is a highly customized one. Though training is a fairly simple process, we at Dog Guard are there every step of the way and will work with you at your home to ensure that your pet understands its new environment. After we finish installation, the training process begins with our technicians placing flags along the perimeter of the fence’s boundaries. These will serve as visual cues to your dog. During the first few days while you walk your dog along the boundary and it crosses the flag-marked area, a tone will sound and warn your pet. Verbal corrections and praising when your dog comes back into the safe area tells your pet that the area beyond the flags is off-limits.


Once your dog has mastered tone training, electric corrections are introduced. The same walking process is undertaken around the area, but when your dog crosses into the off-limits area, it’ll receive a mild electric correction from its receiver. Giving praise and encouragement when your dog returns to the safe area is extremely important to its mastery of the boundaries. After about 10 days, your dog will be taken off its leash and will be able to roam freely around the hidden fence. WY Dog Guard technicians will then introduce distractions, like kids, toys or other animals, on the off-limits side of the fence. If your pet doesn’t react to the distractions, then the training has been successful. Generally, the entire training process can be completed in as little as two weeks.


Health and Humane Societies

All of our products are veterinarian approved and recommended for use with your pet. When you visit any animal doctor, however, mention that you use a wireless dog fence. While our fences are completely safe, veterinarians need to know everything about a dog’s environment to help them diagnose pets. Should your dog exhibit unrelated behavioral problems, consider consulting with your local humane society.


Our Commitment to You

We at Dog Guard are committed to your satisfaction and your pet’s comfort. Unlike other companies, we’ll go the extra mile when training your dog to become accustomed to your new underground fence. Wyoming residents can rest assured that we’ll remain on-site until your dog fully understands its new boundaries and both you and your pet are comfortable with the new wireless system. We guarantee that our underground fence system will keep your pets in an area of your choosing or your money back. In addition, any purchase you make with us is covered by a lifetime warranty. If an overzealous dog chews up equipment after you buy it, we’ll happily replace it. For a free quote, call our friendly staff at 1-800-865-0495.

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