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Serving Benton, Dickson, Henry, Hickman, Houston, Humphreys, Maury, Montgomery, Stewart and Williamson Counties in Tennessee.

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I am Ken Brands, an authorized dealer of “Clear Boundaries with Dog Guard,” which serves the middle Tennessee counties listed below. Before becoming a proud Dog Guard dealer, I spent 22 years in the U.S. Air Force as a classroom and field instructor teaching weapons and other skills required in a deployed environment. Immediately following my Air Force career, I spent 12 years living on and working on boats. Just prior to becoming an authorized Dog Guard dealer I was a towboat pilot pushing barges along the Gulf Inter-Coastal Waterway and the Houston Ship Channel.


Pets are as much a part of your family as are the two-legged members. Your pet’s safety and security is very important.  A Dog Guard in-ground fence customized to fit your yard and your needs will save money and time over a traditional fence, and with some training, is guaranteed to keep your pets at home. Discover how a Dog Guard fence works and the scope of products we offer.  Click on the Facebook link to see many of the dogs that I have safely contained in their yards and read how some of their owners feel about Dog Guard.






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